Licensing Strategy and Execution

If you are a brand owner and you are asking yourself:

  • What is the strategic and sustainable way to expand and monetize my brand/intellectual property in terms of consumers, category and retail 

  • Which are the right partners for a licensing deal

  • What royalty rates and conditions should I ask when thinking about licensing

  • Licensing Strategy and Planning

    • Translate IP's positioning, brand pillars to key categories and required product attributes​

    • Plan outlining key category expansion

    • Collaborative approach to partner and retail strategy

  • Licensee Development and Management

    • Identify key licensees and retail partners​

    • Negotiate licensing deals

    • On-going licensee management

  • Product Planning

    • Ensure product quality and licensor requirements​

    • Oversee stages of approval

  • Forecasting

    • Develop annual business plan​

    • Track on-going performance

    • Manage royalty payments to licensor

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